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     In Memory: 79
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 35
     Military Service: 6
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Tom Abelson    
Eric Arbiter    
Kevin Balfe    
John Binde   
Paul Blank    
Glen Bocox   
Ted Borkan   
Holly Boswell    
Frances Boyd    
Jeremy Burdge    
Clyde Burnett    
Beatrice Camp    
David Camp   
Ann Cary   
Jon Davies   
James Deckant    
Paul Demmer    
Diane Drew   
Lila Ehlke   
Matt Ender    
Drew Foley    
Cathy Frye   
Tom Gary    
Deborah Gray    
Vic Guerrieri    
Ann Halteman    
Sandy Heck   
Randall Hicks    
Eric Johnson    
Kenneth Kline    
Keith Knox   
Ann Kunkel    
Nelson Lee   
Tom Lehman    
Jim Lindsay    
Ben Locke    
Vernon Loo   
Janet Lord   
Wendy Losh   
Laurel Lyon    
Paul Matlock    
Paul Matus   
Brent Myers    
Joe Orbek   
William Peck    
Delia Pitts    
Abby Rich   
Gordon Ridley    
Neill Roe    
John Root   
Ruth Rowan    
Ann Sakai   
Mike Sculnick    
Susan Shecket    
Roger Sherman     
David Shipley    
David Tempest     
Rick Troxel    
Dan Waldo    
David Walker    
David Willcox    

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